June 25th, 2011

no trespassing

Lappy all better

Lynne came by today and fumigated my laptop. Alles jetzt in Ordnung. The bug probably came in via Java. Must update Java (and Adobe) much more often. Also, need to switch to Windows 7 and get out of Vista-land.

Besides the emergency help, it was nice to have someone to chat with (as the scans and cleanings crept by at their usual glacial pace). Now, I've got to get something done. Scouts go to camp tomorrow, Deanne comes home tomorrow, and I've got to have stuff ready for Family Camp as soon as I get back from Ransburg.

Also, I've been asked to provide special music for July 3. I could do "Save the People" from Godspell. Haven't done that in an age or two.

Ice, ice, baby

I was cleaning the stovetop this morning and picked up the hot grill off the burner that had just been used to heat the coffee. Silly me, I knew better. I grabbed an ice cube and pressed the three burned fingers into it. Lynne arrived shortly thereafter to debug my computer. I held at least three more cubes in turn to my fingers, each time until they were completely melted, before I decided to look at the damage.

The worst finger has a nice burn on it, but after putting aloe vera gel on it and bandaging it, it doesn't hurt. It's just a boo-boo, not some awfulness. The other two fingers were almost unmarked and don't hurt at all now. Ice is magic for burns, as I learned in First Aid Merit Badge class at old Camp Wapehani a bazillion years ago. God bless Bob Finehout for teaching me that.
his friend Jesus

Say the magic woid and win a hunnerd dollahs

I have been invited to participate in a three-cornered debate on the proposition, Resolved, that one can be good without God, at Zionsville UMC on September 14. ZUMC has invited Dan Barker, the co-President of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, who goes around the country indicting religion in general, and Christianity in particular, in debates like this. The third in our group is a local Rabbi.

I'm flattered to be asked. I guess at some point, I made an impression on the senior pastor there that I could carry myself well in a tag-team bout of intellectual mud-wrestling. Suffice it to say, I am determined to maintain my good humor throughout the exercise. If any of you would like to come watch the doin's, watch this space: I'll post more details when I have them.