June 10th, 2011

mad hatter

Busy day

Got up at 5:00 a.m. this morning at Summit Lake State Park. Showered, broke camp, and hustled up to Muncie. By 6:30, Dennis Williamson and I were setting up cooking gear and getting ready to make breakfast. Making coffee was easy, but then things started getting hinky. I discovered that I had forgotten to bring a chef's knife. So, I did all the slicing and chopping (of onions, fennel, potatoes, apples, beef tenderloin, mushrooms) with my trusty pocket knife. Nothing like being prepared. Then, when the mise en place was ready and it was time to light the propane burner, I discovered I'd forgotten to pack matches. A quick forage in my truck turned up a box of waterproof matches in my glovebox. Being prepared is great, but being lucky is even better.

The breakfast was great, the company congenial, and the offering for the Richert Fund phenomenal. Curt Hurley was elected our new NAUMS President; he will fill out the remainder of Karen Heim-Baugh's quadrennial term.

After we finished eating, I threw all the gear in the back of the truck and boogied on down the road. Got home at 11:00 a.m. and started cleaning and sorting. This afternoon is dedicated to getting the Annual Conference trip put away; this evening is all about readying self and crew gear for the trip tomorrow.

Here's a thought: Summit Lake State Park is right next to the tiny town of Mt. Summit. Mt. Summit's name is special, for two reasons: first, because it's a tautology; second, because up in the flatlands, it's a misnomer. Sa-a-a-LUTE!

Annual Conference summary

I actually enjoyed a lot of things at this year's Annual Conference: schmoozing with friends; the Scouting Ministry breakfast; electing delegates; camping at Summit Lake; being sought out by so many people who think so well of me; much of what the Conference speaker had to say.

My irks and crotchets remain the same, but they don't seem so important today. At the very least, I can say, along with my hero, Scrooge McDuck:
"Between losses and gains
and joys and pains,
I just about came out even on this deal."
roadkill soup

I have officially turned into a pumpkin

Eleven p.m., and all my gear is rounded up, if not stuffed into the old backpack. I'll try to post in the morning, but after that, I'll be off-line for nine days. Pray for us! Not merely for our safety, but for our fun and our spiritual growth and the people we leave behind.

Time for bed.