April 29th, 2011

mad hatter

Adventures in Presbyopia

As I was leaving the restaurant I had lunch in, I glanced at their Daily Specials on the chalkboard. "Cat pellets" seemed like something pretty awful. I looked close enough to decipher the handwriting, and behold, it said "Cod fillets."

One of the compensations of increasing near-sightedness is being frequently amused by the seeming realities that present themselves for your consideration.
compass rose

Itinerary confirmed

Isle Royale called today to let me know one of the campsites I had chosen was occupied on the night I wanted it. So we dickered a bit and re-ordered the itinerary. It now stands thus.

Monday, July 14, arrive Rock Harbor on the Isle Royale Queen IV, hike to Daisy Farm (about six and half miles).

Tuesday, July 15, ascend the Greenstone Ridge and hike to West Chickenbone (about nine miles).

Wednesday, July 16, hike down to Lake Ritchie (about four miles).

Thursday, July 17, hike to Threemile (about twelve miles).

Friday, July 18, return to Rock Harbor to catch the ferry (about three miles).

There's a couple of stiff days in there, but there's also a couple of real easy ones. Total mileage, about 35 miles. Chickenbone Lake and Lake Ritchie are both excellent inland waters, full of pike and other tasty fish.