April 20th, 2011

cook with fire


It was my turn to cook the main course for our Wednesday Bible study. I prepared a spatchcocked turkey with roast veggies. It was tremendous. Also easy. One of our members suggested that I write a cookbook someday. Deanne and I actually started work on one, some years ago. The working title was from Miguel de Cervantes, Hunger is the Best Sauce. We were going to include a chapter called, "Cooking with Power Tools."

Deanne and I continue to invent new dishes and try out new techniques. We've got a lot of notes crammed in books and files and drawers here and there -- probably enough to make a cookbook. If we were to do that, I might even reveal the secret ingredient in my trifle. (Inquiring minds want to know.)

Hold onto your hats

So, I was on our Annual Conference website, looking over the clergy and laity who filed to run for General Conference. Most of the laity I don't know, but many of the clergy I do.

I re-read my own submission and compared it to what others were saying. I thought mine stacked up well against the whole (for what that's worth). I read several submissions from clergy I know well, some of whom I would be pre-disposed to vote for, and others whom I would be pre-disposed not to vote for. I couldn't tell much difference in what anybody submitted. The campaign process encourages us all to say things that identify us as in the mainstream of opinion. Strong views -- especially strong views that place one on the edge of the herd -- were not expressed among the files I reviewed. Maybe they were all speaking in code and I missed it.

Anyway, I pray for the Church, and especially those who will vote for delegates in the Annual Conferences this year. It may get very messy, though that will be only a shadow of what General Conference will be like next year. God's will be done.

Another Holy Week task done

I just finished my Good Friday meditation (one of seven given by various clergy at our three-hour service). I quoted St. Augustine. Not only that, but it was the phrase about having the Church as our mother. What is the world coming to? This could seriously impact my Arminian credentials -- not to mention my Old English ecclesiastical heritage.