April 16th, 2011


Ponderous, precious, preposterous

I caught the last hour and a half of a four-hour documentary on the life of William Shakespeare last night. The Royal Shakespeare Company was featured throughout. By the end of the show, I was amazed at how badly the Royal Shakespeareans do Shakespeare. Dull, slow, overwrought; can these people construe blank verse at all? Half of them sound like they're channeling Captain Kirk. I suppose they're all trying to get people to hear the over-familiar words as if for the first time. Considering that almost nobody's heard the words as Shakespeare wrote them, I think it would be quite novel to "just do it the way it's written," to borrow a phrase from Alfred Hitchcock.
by himself

It was only a matter of time

This recliner was Deanne's Christmas present. I nap in it, but only when she isn't using it. Now, though, it looks like she's going to have some serious competition for her seat.

We're in your chair, taking your naps We're in your chair, taking your naps
Lightning and Hera move in on the Big Chair