February 15th, 2011

how long

If you want something done right . . .

Long ago, when we had the School of the Prophets in Indiana, I and a few others would fill out our evaluations every year asking for something better than we were getting in terms of classes and speakers. Now, I'm looking over the dreary parade of Usual Suspects featured at Annual Conference and the Our Life Together clergy retreat, and I think: Maybe it's time to organize something else.

Maybe only a few ortho-geeks would tune in, but how about a small clergy conference featuring some Church history? Worship in Old English and Latin? A seminar on the evangelistic methods of the early Middle Ages that converted western Europe so effectively? Something on Bede or Boethius? The examination of conscience in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight? The competing codes of Courtly Love and Christian Agape as a means of shedding light on today's spiritual-social-sexual slovenliness? A seminar on eucharistic doctrine that really examines the core of the debate over the Real Presence that happened in the 800s?

Anything's better than one more institutional pep rally or a how-to on the Emergent Church.
roadkill soup

On the road again

I decided to take most of the day off to go to Wilderstead and check out what needed to be done re: Spring chores -- and soak up some peace. Peace was in short supply today, I'm afraid. I was almost to Heltonville when I realized I didn't have my gate and cabin keys on me. So, I turned around and drove forty minutes back to E'ville to fetch them, then turned around again and headed for the holler.

I only got to spend an hour and half at Wilderstead, but it was beautiful and peaceful and I tramped the main trail on both sides of the Pishon. I can see I have a lot to do. Got to walk my fence line and patch barbed wire/renew signage. That's a whole day. Need to fill in the two trenches I dug last fall before snow hit, but they're still frozen solid right now. And there's more. I could spend a whole week just sawing up downed timber.

It must have been a good winter for skunks, because I smelt nearly half a dozen today where they'd hit on the road. A couple of towns smelt like burning tires, too. (What is going on?) Also, on the way over, my '97 Plymouth Breeze, Miranda, kicked over 350,000 miles. There's not much left of her that hasn't been replaced at least once (the steering wheel comes to mind), but still, even the replaced/rebuilt parts are old by now. And she still gets over thirty miles per gallon!

I left the cabin at 4:30 and headed for a Council Board meeting in Columbus. Lots of good things happening in Hoosier Trails Council, but I still find myself a voice in the wilderness crying out about charter partners and chaplaincy. *sigh* Got home a little after 9:00.