February 11th, 2011

beats working

Day Off

I got a full eight hours' sleep last night, for the first time since -- week after Christmas? I feel much better. I could do with a few more of these.

Deanne twisted her ankle outside, and she is now seated in the recliner with an icebag on her foot, reading her e-mail. I was going to suggest we go out to eat, but she wasn't up to going anywhere. A Boy Scout pizza is now baking in the oven.

Looking forward to a slow and quiet day, otherwise.

Parturient montes

The idea of Donald Trump running for President baffles me. Yeah, he probably knows more about finance and such than most politicians; however, he is also notoriously vain and immature in his relationships. I can't see him going six months without embarrassing himself and our country in some way. The Presidency isn't just about policy -- it's also about the kind of person you've made yourself to be, that shows up in the situations you couldn't know ahead of time to prepare for. Trump would be as out of his depth as Obama is now.