January 18th, 2011

hound of heaven

Let sleeping dogs lie

Sassafras likes to hang around the kitchen doorway. That way, she's always right on hand when food or walks are mentioned. It's also just below the cats' feeding bowl, so she's right there if they drop a treat on the floor. Sunday night, though, she was just soooo tired, and she propped her big ol' head up on the stepstool that the cats use to get up to their food.

Your head is getting heavy Your head is getting heavy

speed limit

Hit the hyper-drive!

I have just petitioned LiveJournal to add Redneck Jedi Academy, Dagobah, Indiana, USA to its official schools list. If you would like to claim attendance at this fine institution of learning, please go their Schools page and ask to add it, too.
cook with fire


Well, I went out to camp today to see what we had to cook with for the Rendezvous feast, and I was pleasantly surprised. There are lots of cooking vessels there, though not enough space. Several dishes will have to be prepared outside. In the end, though, it will be magnificent. I'm looking forward to it, though I will be absolutely whacked by the time we're through with it.