January 6th, 2011


Facebook wins again

Last year, I tried to create a Facebook account for the church. At some point, it asked for personal info, which I gave; whereupon it promptly created a page set to my personal info, not the organizational info. I deleted that account.

I then set up an alternate email address for the church, so that I could create a "clean" FB for the church, without triggering a re-activization of the screwed-up account FB won't let me delete. I tried to create a new FB, and it wouldn't let me finish the setup w/o giving it a personal name. It wouldn't accept "Ellettsville First United Methodist Church" or anything similar. So I entered a fake name. Sure enough, it created a FB profile for that name. AND, it won't let me delete the vershlugginer thing.

Facebook sucks. It sucks big time.