January 3rd, 2011

humped zebra

Oy! to the world

Today was the first office workday of the year. Time to clean off my desk and catch up on my filing. I missed my usual Fall time for this (normally, I catch up with the stuff piling up on my desk 2-3 times a year).

That being said, as I cheerfully sorted all the stuff drifting across my desktop into piles to be inserted in various file jackets, something strange seemed to be happening. After I had gotten it all sorted and took out the file jackets to put them in, that something made itself known. In short, I had not opened a single file jacket since I placed the January 17 offering report in its file last year; in other words, I had not filed a single piece of paper in fifty weeks. In addition, there was a box of stuff left over from the October, 2009, fall camporee worship service I led that hadn't been put away yet.

This is some serious backlog. No wonder I've felt rushed and behind for months. I've been too busy to catch up on routine filing for a whole year! Here's hoping that 2011 is easier to keep up with!