December 20th, 2010

camp cook


We had a couple of filets left, as well as most of the chain meat from two PISMOs, and it all needed to be used up. So, while I put on some Yukon Gold fingerlings to boil, I put some oil in a Dutch oven, added the chopped-up meat, a couple cloves minced garlic, an onion, salt and pepper. When all was nearly cooked, I added a little red wine and some chopped baby Portobella mushrooms.

Et voila! Tenderloin Scraps and Spuds. It was delicious.

After dinner was over, we drained off the broth for another use, and I sliced the remaining fingerling potatoes and put them in a baking dish, then topped it with the remaining meat, onions, and 'shrooms. *evil snicker* Filet Mignon Hash FTW!
xmas cats

It's snowing again!

The Faun Sees Snow for the First Time

Cloud-whirler, son-of-Kronos,
Send vengeance on these Oreads
Who strew
White frozen flecks of mist and cloud
Over the brown trees and the tufted grass
Of the meadows, where the stream
Runs black through shining banks
Of bluish white.

Are the halls of heaven broken up
That you flake down upon me
Feather-strips of marble?

Dis and Styx!
When I stamp my hoof
The frozen-cloud-specks jam into the cleft
So that I reel upon two slippery points ...

Fool, to stand here cursing
When I might be running!

-- Richard Aldington