December 12th, 2010

beats working

End of the day

The choir did a great cantata this morning. A little threat of snow didn't keep too many away. I took a brief power nap, and then it was off to a nursing home on the other side of town for a parishioner's 100th birthday party. By then, the snow was getting out of hand. Various accidents and difficulties in evidence.

As soon as I got back from over yonder, we were ready for Venturers. I taught the crew about the many uses of ponchos, including the making of hooches. Just imagine you're in the middle of the Vietnamese jungle, I said. By a supreme effort, they succeeded.

Then came the Church Council. Only a few mushed in from around the town, but we got the business done. I'm relaxing now just a bit before an early bedtime. Must be up betimes and heading for the surgery center tomorrow. I hope that by tomorrow afternoon, I'll be resting nicely at home with a shoulder that works again.