November 12th, 2010


Take all you want, but eat all you take

I ran into a fellow Scouter, a hunter, and we were talking about the need to cull the herd of deer in the Midwest. He asked if I knew how many deer a hunter was legally allowed to take per season in Indiana. The answer staggered me.

Exclusive of special hunts (urban zones or state parks where they invite hunters now and then the thin the population), you can take one antlered deer per year in Indiana, by whatever means the season allows. That's the limit. BUT, each county sets a different limit for un-antlered deer (to reduce the herd). The typical number each county allows is four per hunter. But many allow more. Only one county allows the taking of only one unantlered deer.

The upshot of it is, each hunter can (in theory) take 512 deer per year in Indiana. Or, as many as you buy licenses for and hunt for properly, is what it comes down to. My friend said you'd have to shoot three a day for every day of the season, move around from county to county, use all different kinds of weapons, etc. But practically speaking, it's Venison Buffet time in Indiana.