October 24th, 2010

rose window

Great Day

It was a busy day at church today, but a good one. Rev. Mark Suter preached a great sermon for Consecration Sunday. The Scouts turned out a great meal. Our new chair-lift was immediately put to use by several members.

When the Venturers met later today, we did some painting on the duck toys we're making for the Bazaar in December. And Melodie -- survivor of mini-bear (chipmunk) aggression at Philmont this past summer, brought a new friend.

God is very good.

This spud's for you This spud's for you
Zach prepares veggies for roasting
After the ball After the ball
Bradley takes a break toward the end of the luncheon
He's baaaack! He's baaaack!
Melodie and her mini-bear
Getting his ducks in a row Getting his ducks in a row
Ben looks over the day's work
Beam me up, Scotty Beam me up, Scotty
Janet rides the new chair-lift


Meow yourself

"David Burge once said that 'When John Atanasoff and Clifford Berry developed the first digital computing machine at Iowa State University in 1937, little did they know that their invention would become an integral part of a sophisticated worldwide cat picture distribution system.' This is funny because it's true."
-- Jack Schofield