October 15th, 2010


Dog tired

One of my favorite evil tricks is to take pictures of people on campouts or retreats sleeping in odd positions or just getting up. When I came downstairs this morning, there was Sassy, legs up in the air like a cartoon dog that has just died. Sound asleep. She didn't even wake up while I took her picture from several angles.

If she could surf the 'net, she'd bite me.

Zzzzzzz Zzzzzzz
Sassafras sprawls in her sleep

no trespassing

Full up, no vacancy

I got a lot done yesterday, including cutting up and cooking two large pumpkins. I now have 17 cup-and-half bags of frozen pumpkin, awaiting transformation into pies and soup. This morning I've spent several hours finishing stuff on the computer (liturgies, articles, e-mails). Despite all the stuff I've been getting done, though, there's still lots that's overdue and screaming for attention. Then, too, the next two weeks are Crunch Time here at EFUMC. A new deadline every day, including the big Consecration Sunday luncheon catered by the Boy Scouts under my direction, and then (Trick or Treat!) our annual Charge Conference on October 30.

So, I'm praying for peace and strength. Once we get past Hallowe'en, I get a short breather, and then we start Confirmation Class. Close on the heels of that blessed event (for which I have to clean up the Junior High room that's full of Venturing stuff) comes the Christmas Madness. Deanne asked me about whether I was going to do God and Me yet this year, and I replied that the entire schedule was full up until the end of 2010.