October 9th, 2010


My heart sings

I spent a wonderful evening Friday at Wilderstead. Built a fire and watched the stars come out. Slept for ten and a half hours (Hallelujah!). Saw deer nosing around the holler while sipping my morning coffee. Got a little work done on my retaining wall and generally just messed around in the woods on a beautiful Fall weekend. This afternoon, I found these lyrics going through my head:

Well, I finally made it deep into the hills
where I started cuttin' ties for the Continental Mill.
Swingin' that axe and haulin' that line,
I found my soul but I lost my mind.

'Cause there's nothin' like a day in the woods,
workin' the way an honest man should,
and at night with all the stars in the sky,
the Milky Way'll make a grown man cry.
-- "The Tooth of Time's Been Chewin' On Me"