September 24th, 2010

wayside cross

Peace on earth, indeed

I didn't get everything done this week that I wanted to, but I still left last night for Wilderstead. I won't get everything done out here that I need to, either, but that's life.

The harvest moon was so bright last night -- despite haze and clouds -- that the cabin's loft was fully lit by the skylights. I could have almost read by the moonlight. Jupiter was flaming away like a giant light smudge with cat whiskers. Its satellites were clearly visible with my binoculars.

I slept nine hours last night, then piddled around for two more this morning. The breeze in the holler was cool and soothing. The quiet was wonderful. Both D. and I are finding that regular recourse to our cabin is an essential to keeping body and soul functioning.

If only I could find a restaurant in Dearborn County with Wi-Fi other than McDonald's. Well, gotta hit Lowe's and Kroger and get stuff for the holler. I'm staying over tonight, too. I hope to return refreshed and fully ready for a busy week.