September 17th, 2010


Take all you want, but eat all you take

Hera came in the pet door in a rush. I thought she might have been frightened by something, but No. Turns out she'd caught a mousie and she wanted to get it off to a safe place to play with it. She dropped it in the living room where she and Lightning proceeded to bat it about. It squeaked pitifully from time to time.

Now, on the whole, I think it's a good thing to have cats that hunt mice and other things. BUT, I've also noticed that cats learn how to hunt from their mamas (or other, older cats). Since these two came to us as very young kittens, hand-raised in the shelter, they don't have an older, wiser cat to teach them how to dispatch their prey.

I finally picked up the mouse in a paper towel and took it outside and dumped it. Hera sniffed all around the living room wherever it had been for a long time, thinking that it must still be around there somewhere.

This can't go on.
humped zebra

Nice day

I went out to Owen-Putnam State Forest this afternoon. Hadn't been there in years and years. There's a lot out there, though. Enough for a really good backpacking shakedown in the spring.

Went to the Fall Festival this evening to see how the Scouts were doing. Alles in Ordnung ist. I noticed that we've had a complete turnover of boys and leaders since I've been here. Good to see. Kids grow up, new folks become old hands, the magic is passed on.

Owen-Putnam State Forest Owen-Putnam State Forest
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