August 29th, 2010

wile e.

evil snicker

Okay, I've got the orienteering controls up, ready for the Venturers to try their hand at this sport.

I got very ambitious and planned a 4.3 mile course all over the west end of town. Of course, that's 4.3 miles as the crow flies, not as the streets run, but still, they should be able to do it in about 75 minutes (maybe less). That's assuming they know what they're doing. I may be out chasing them up till supper. Who knows?

Anyway, I got permission from all the landowners (basically, parishioners and Scout families I know personally) to place controls on their premises. I'll give the Venturers a quick 20-minute orientation to orienteering, then send them out to run the course.

Score = time in minutes, with a one-minute penalty for each missed control.