August 24th, 2010

big hairy deal

Headin' for home

I'm sitting in the Versailles McDonald's, eating breakfast and checking my e-mail. When I pulled up here, I was shocked at the number of cars. How can there be that many people at McDonald's at this hour of the morning on a school day? I'd forgotten: retirees. The local fast-food joint has replaced the downtown bar and grill as the senior citizen hangout to start the day.

In other news, my computer seems to be working fine; it's just the local Wi-Fi here and there that seems slow.

I'll be home soon. Yay!

This froke me out

I slept last night at Wilderstead. I was awakened at quarter till five this morning by an unearthly cry. It seemed close at hand, but that doesn't mean much in the holler, where sounds travel as they do. I couldn’t figure out what it was; bird, mammal, human – I’ve never heard such a sound. Of course, since it woke me up, I can’t say with certainty that I heard it correctly – or even if I really heard it.

I went outside. The full moon was streaming through the trees, but everything was quiet. A few dogs were barking down the road, still. Maybe they heard whatever it was and it got them started.