June 17th, 2010


Lafayette, we have arrived

It was quite a trip to get here (Virginia Beach). We left Tuesday evening for Wilderstead, and the rain was so intense we almost turned around. Got up early in the holler and headed down the road. Everything went well until we crossed into Virginia, whereupon D's muffler decided to hit the road. We heard it dragging and stopped. The strap was still there; only the bolt holding it on had vibrated itself out. So, I fixed it with some coat hanger wire and we barreled on down the road. After 13 hours of travel, we arrived at our hotel.

Today is a day of preparation. We're going to Anna and Brian's house to help clean and such for the baby's arrival. Anna goes into the hospital tonight to begin induction, and the baby should be born sometime tomorrow. I'm flying out of here tomorrow afternoon, leaving D. to help after Anna and son come home.

My usual choice to camp everywhere I go is confirmed in what this trip is costing us. Even before we've helped Anna with anything, we're out about a thousand bucks to go hithering and thithering about the land. And we don't even get a patch for it. Ouch!

Speaking up for those abandoned by those who should have spoken up for them

Not all Muslims commit "honor killings" against their girls and women; however, all "honor killings" are committed by Muslims. This is a fact, like any other fact: a fact we have to deal with.

Those who manufacture the news and define correct opinion in the West are in denial over this fact. Call it cowardice or political correctness, the result is the same. And the only way to break through denial is to call things by their right names.

The right name for "honor killing" is murder, and the people who do it need to be punished. Their culture or religion is irrelevant; their deeds speak for them.

A day well-spent

Deanne and I were up betimes this morning and off to Anna's house. Brian was already at work when we arrived a little after 8:00 a.m. We immediately started pitching in, cleaning.

Anna is on bed-rest, so she mostly lay on the couch with Percivale the Parfait Puddy-tat. Mordred the Ever-solid slunk through now and then. Deanne started in on dishes and laundry, while I set myself to finish getting the baby's room ready. I put together a super-complicated portable playpen/crib/bassinet/coupe de ville. I was (surprisingly) still in a good humor when I got that done.

After the baby's room came the living room. Then the yard work. Deanne, meanwhile, had started in on Anna & Brian's closet. I went to get some hardware at Lowe's to add another clothes pole and some jacket hooks and got back just after Brian got home.

Anna and Brian were packing up to go to the hospital. They start her induction tonight, and give her a shot in the morning to begin labor. I may get to see my grandson before I hop on the plane home tomorrow, maybe not. In any case, we're going to go feed their cats and do some chores at their place before joining them at the hospital for a while. Then I'll hop my flight and leave Deanne to help out as she can.

Brian's mom is also coming, which will be a help. It may also stress out everybody even more to have two moms attempting to help at the same time. We'll see. I told Anna that if she felt she were being driven crazy, she had the right to tell either or both of them to go home.

Anyway, it's all in God's hands now. Some time tomorrow, I'll be a grandfather. It's been decided that I am to inherit my father's nickname of Grandbear. I'll wear it with pride.