June 8th, 2010


Regarding Arabs and Israelis (Muslims and Jews)

I was schooling a much younger person who believes (because the people he admires say so) that Israel is a mean old bully who beats up on its helpless neighbors/non-Jewish citizens. Looking back over the last hundred years, the antipathy of Arabs/Muslims toward Israelis/Jews is what stands out. There have been four wars and at least three periods of riots and terrorism, in all of which Arabs (internal or external) attacked Israel, not the other way round.

The US still believes in a "two-State" solution. I'm okay with that, too. But I do not buy the hogwash that portrays the Palestinians as victims of the State of Israel, or Zionism, or Jews generally. My concluding paragraphs from our back-and-forth are as follows:

In the end, the Palestinians' national Charter is a Fëanorian Oath, with much the same result for its adherents as that achieved by the sons of Fëanor. The Palestinian cause started out (ostensibly) as a demand for justice in the face of their Dispossession. Whether they were more dispossessed by their fellow Arabs than by the State of Israel is at least open for discussion, but let that go. Even if their cause started out justly, they have pursued the cause with such savagery and cruelty, and have sold themselves and their children into such evil, that I believe they have lost the moral right to claim anything more than what they currently hold. Arguments over legitimacy have degenerated into mere Judenhass and "resistance to tyranny" has become blowing up one's own children and mentally retarded family members. If they could grasp what they said they wanted in the beginning, it would burn their hands.

A Palestinian people committed to driving the hardest bargain they could would have had peace, land, reparations, and all the rest of it years ago. Their people would be living in prosperity instead of the hell they have refused to climb out of. They voted for the monsters that govern them; I say, seal them off and let them have the government they voted for, without any aid from anybody else.

Prayers requested

Our daughter Anna (stryck) called this afternoon to ask for prayers. She was heading to the hospital to have her high blood pressure checked out. Brian (anher) called this evening to say that she is being released for now, but is on bed rest for a while. If her blood pressure doesn't come down, they will induce labor at 38 weeks -- maybe as soon as next Thursday.

Deanne and I huddled over calendars. If the baby's coming early, she and I will clear our calendars and drive to Virginia Beach. I'll leave her the car to stay and look after Anna, and I'll fly back to take care of things here. At least, that's the plan. We're just waiting now to hear what's going to happen.

Prayers would be appreciated.