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The Daily Mustard
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Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

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Spare me the excitement
It was just coming up on midnight tonight, and I popped a nosebleed. Well, big deal. I had one earlier with this surgery. The nose gets all dried out and cracks can open up when you blow your nose. I've never been prone to nosebleeds under normal circumstances, and I've always been able to control them with a couple of old Boy Scout first aid tricks.

But tonight was different. I could NOT get this sucker stopped. I got blood on my shirt, my pants, my laptop. Finally, I wound up over the bathroom sink, unable to reach for a paper towel or anything without blood going everywhere. After ten minutes or so of constant blood flow, I started calling for Deanne. It took several more minutes for her to respond, since she was sound asleep upstairs.

The kicker on this is, if you can't get the nosebleed stopped, at some point you're supposed to head for the emergency room. I was about to that point. Finally, a combination of Afrin, pinching the nose, and a cold compress got it to stop. It's been about fifteen or twenty minutes now, and I'm staying up to make sure that it's not going to start again.

I suppose this means I'll have to sleep propped up again, just to be safe. What a pain.
Poor doggy
Sassy had a seizure a little while ago. She's resting in the living room now. But we're worried for her. We thought we had this under control. Prayers would be appreciated.

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