May 21st, 2010


Worth 1,000 words

Today was Everybody Draw Muhammad Day. I didn't have time to do any original art, but here's a famous one. It's an engraving by Gustav Doré for Dante's Inferno. It depicts Muhammad ("Mahomet" in medieval English spelling) in the Eighth Circle of Hell. As Dorothy Sayers notes for her translation,

From the bridge over the Ninth Bowge the Poets look down upon the Sowers of Discord, who are continually smitten asunder by a Demon with a sword. Dante is addressed by Mahomet . . .

Dante, along with other medieval figures, saw Muhammad primarily as a heretic and schismatic, the founder and purveyor of an ersatz Christianity.

Such a cut-up Such a cut-up


Deserting the sinking ship?

The news media were atwitter over this little feller who scurried through an Obama speech in the Rose Garden. Some said it was a mouse, some said it was a rat. Perhaps it's another one of the President's czars -- one of the swarm the Pied Piper has let loose upon our national village. In any case, it was mostly interested in getting away from where it was by the quickest route.

Obama and rodent Obama and rodent