May 16th, 2010


Same ol', same ol'

So, the Episcopal Church has done it again, ordaining their second gay bishop (this one, a female). Bishop Jon Bruno, who preached the sermon at the ordination service, said,
"The world's transformed only if we turn to each and every one of our brothers and sisters and see the face of Christ superimposed on them."

Pardon me, but this is sheer twaddle. If we change the Church to look more like the world, then the world is not transformed -- the Church is. Superimposing the face of Christ on others isn't the point -- seeing lives transformed so that Christ shines from behind each face is.

Behind all the religious talk, the "progressives" want the Church to be more like the World, because they confuse the kingdoms of this world with the kingdom of heaven.
one of those days


The doc cleared me to get back to doing things, though he warned me to take it easy. Full recovery from my surgery will probably take another month.

Anyway, yesterday, I spent the day with the Boy Scouts at Cecil's Lake. I didn't strain myself, but just to drive up there, spend the day, and drive back took everything I had. I was pretty shaky by the time I got home.

Got up early this morning and got ready for church. I was still tired from yesterday, but I got through it. My voice isn't back to full strength yet, and I felt it. Took a nap, then went to Venturers.

I'm all in right now. On top of the physical tiredness, there is some sadness: the death of an old friend; another friend's family going through hard times. Just need to wrap myself in a wool blanket and shut the world out for a while.

Tomorrow, it's up and at it. Got places to go, people to see.