May 9th, 2010


On to the next stage

I have arrived at that stage of my recovery which can best be described as Bloody Boogers. O, be joyful. I'm venturing out a little each day, but I'm not up for church yet, per doctor's orders. I still tire very easily and get shaky and dizzy if I push myself too much. So, it's a day of pills and naps and internet for me.
by himself

Now what do you want?

Lightning is being Awfully Cuddly this morning. The alternative was to be Awfully Annoying, I suppose. He knows that there is sometimes a fine line between being Awfully Something and being Something Awful, and he doesn't intend to get caught on the wrong side of it.

Yes, Mama

We went out to eat at Steak & Shake this evening. I feel much better; all that protein did me good.

As for as recovery goes, my face is going through a different kind of feel each day as the healing progresses. Today, I felt as if somebody had smacked me with a fist just below my eye -- like there was an old bruise there. I suppose it's because swelling has gone down in other places that I can now feel pain there. Who knows.

On the way back this evening, I told D. that I thought I would go to the Boy Scout meeting tomorrow night, just to have something to do. She said, very firmly, that she might let me do that, if I only stayed an hour. I asked if she intended to come over and get me to make sure I didn't stay too long, and she said, "I just might."

She's tough.