May 8th, 2010

in the soup


Had a terrible time trying to sleep last night. I started out in my bed (for the first time since surgery), but couldn't stay there. Couldn't get comfortable; couldn't stop my mind from working; teeth hurt from facial splint like new braces had just been tightened on them.

I'm up and sort of functional this morning. Nobody else is. I made coffee, took my pills, and am contemplating the day. Maybe I can get out and go somewhere today and start using my big muscles again. Just a bit.


Today is my mother's birthday. If she were still living, she would be 89. She died in 1987, at a comparatively young age. It seems strange to think that she's been gone for almost 23 years.

Meanwhile, today is also collinsmom's youngest sister's birthday. Lessee, I think Dorothy is -- what -- 49?

To all my Methodist Scouting friends (and anybody else)

My head is spinning, but I'm getting some stuff done today, including registering me and Deanne for the Wesley and Scouting Heritage tour of the UK next March. If you'd like to join us as part of the NAUMS tour group, you can check it all out at To find details on the trip, you'll need to enter these data: The Tour = HE11; The Date = 031511S; The ID# = 52401.

She's the quiet type

Her Majesty's a pretty nice girl,
but she doesn't have a lot to say.

-- John Lennon, "Her Majesty"

When Venturing Crew 119 returned from their ten-miler up at Cataract, we brought a friend back with us. I didn't think anybody would notice her, quietly standing there in a currently-unused Sunday School room, but she began turning heads right away. If you've got it, you've got it.

There's just no telling what you'll come across when you travel by foot. Somebody had dumped this solid wooden mannequin along a back road on the far side of Mill Creek. She was just too cool to leave to molder in the muck, so after we finished hiking, we went back for her.

She now sports a Philmont t-shirt and a brand-new patch vest. The patch for our Crew's first camporee, the "Survivor" Camporee at Spring Mill last month, is on her vest. We think she makes a fine addition to the Crew.

But . . . we need help naming her. So, we're taking suggestions, and we'll eventually maybe have a contest.

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