May 7th, 2010

one of those days

Tired of being tired

I woke up this morning feeling like I had a really bad hangover. Still tired, dizzy, disoriented after 8+ hours of sleep. This is Day 5, post-op, and I still feel knocked for a loop.

I guess the surgery was more extensive than I had thought it would be. As they were wheeling me into the operating room, I asked how long it would take, and they said two and a half hours. I was flabbergasted. They fix major structural problems in joints in less time than that. Perhaps that was because it's so hard to work inside your head. Who knows? In any case, it's a long time to be under anaesthesia.

Still, I feel like I ought to be getting up and doing something. Going for a walk would be nice, but I'm afraid I'm still too wobbly for it. I nap off and on throughout the day still. At least I think I can give up sleeping on the couch. It would save my back to sleep in my own bed tonight.

Meanwhile, I can't wait for the doctor to take this splint -- or whatever it is -- out of the backside of my face. Other than that, there's been no real discomfort. I breathe fine.
by himself

More pics of the wrecking crew

Got some more cat pix here. Hera has been showing herself more photogenic of late, but Lightning's solicitous nap on my tired carcass has its own charm.

Where are we going? Where are we going?
And why am I in this handbasket?
The fans are rowdy today The fans are rowdy today
especially in the Mezzanine
You take it easy, OK? You take it easy, OK?
I'm here for you.
Monorail Kitty reaches the roundabout Monorail Kitty reaches the roundabout
Watch your step, please