April 20th, 2010


I'm in pretty good shape for the shape I'm in

Well, the verdict is in. I went to see a cardiologist today and talked hard-core stuff. About everything.

But to begin with, I've lost another pound. Then, my blood pressure is down ten points over last time I was in to see a doctor. So, there was good news even before Dr. F. came in the door.

The end result is, my heart's in good shape. Without a heart cath, there's nothing definitive about my arteries, but I'm not really a candidate for such a thing. The insurance folks might could be talked into paying for it, but the doc doesn't think it's a big deal right now. All my indicators are good or heading in a good direction.

So, I'm cleared for surgery first week of May on my sinuses, and backpacking in the mountains is a Go. Philmont, here I come!