April 19th, 2010

by himself


I've taken fewer pictures of Hera, but not because she isn't photogenic. She's just off doing her own thing most of the time, while Lightning is into everything.

One thing she has taken to doing, though, is lying in the doorsill just below Sassy's pet door. She hasn't figured out how to operate the thing herself, or maybe she's just not big enough yet to break the magnetic hold and operate it herself. So, there she waits, either enjoying the cool draft or hoping to sneak out when Sassy barges through; I'm not sure.

Hera Hera
Caught in the draft? Waiting by a very large mousehole? Trying to find the code for the stargate?

storming the castle

You can't know how much this costs me to say

I cut my teeth on politics at a very young age. The first Presidential campaign I remember following was in 1960 -- when I was in second grade. As a Junior in high school, I attended Indiana Boys State, where I became one of those few Hoosiers to have actually read our unwieldy State constitution. When I went off to college, I started down a path toward a law degree and a political career. I was a precinct committeeman for my party and ran for local office while still an undergraduate.

All that changed when I heard God's call to the ministry. I didn't stop following politics, but I quit talking about them in public -- especially to my parishioners. I decided that serving as an ambassador from the court of the King of the Ages was too important to muddy it up with politicking for lesser causes and candidates. I preached about public issues very seldom, and then only in moral or charitable terms.Collapse )