March 17th, 2010

one of those days

Life is Pain, Part II

I was blundering around this morning in a fog, trying to get to my PT appointment. I had the car started, but couldn't find my sunglasses anywhere, so I opened the door to go back inside. Today's cars are small and low, which means that getting out of them involves hoisting yourself up and to the side, pivoting around, and pushing off with your inside leg. Which was my bad leg.

Yep. Pulled it again. Not in the same place, and not as badly, but still, I was limping as I came back out with sunglasses in hand. The therapist worked me over with an ice cup massage, then stretched out my leg and sent me home. Told me to stretch and to ice the muscle down several times today. Which I've done.

I'm hoping that I'll be less tempted to overstride, twist-and-push-off, jump back, etc., while I'm waddling along in the woods. There, I'll be wearing my backpack with the hip belt cranked down as tight as she'll go and stepping along with my trusty cane. And I usually experience a significant reduction of stress once I get out on the trail, which will help that leg as much as anything.