March 15th, 2010

one of those days


I was going to go to Wilderstead today and get some much-needed rest, then come back by way of my meeting in Seymour tonight; however, I have piddled the morning away and find myself too tired to go to the holler, anyway. So, I think I'll take a nap this afternoon. Or maybe go out to the park here and walk around.

PITT-afful, as Cat Cora would say.

Getting to know you

Deanne and I went to the Animal Shelter today. We decided that we would either get a young cat or two kittens. The big question was how it/they would get along with Sassafras, and vice versa. A young cat and the dog might be great friends -- or might fight like, well, you know. On the other hand, two kittens could socialize each other, and if they and the dog didn't have much in common, well, the felines would have each other.

We met a lot of kitties, and would have liked to take a whole bunch of them home. In the end, though, we decided on two three-month-old kittens, a boy and a girl in complementary white-and-black and black-and-white. Stay tuned for names.

Personalities are already emerging. The little boy kitty is fast as greased lightning, and very fond of meeting people. The girl kitty is slightly larger, and more reserved. Seems a bit, well, bossy. We figure she'll be running the place inside of six months -- including the dog.

Sassy is intensely interested, but didn't bark or snap at them at all. The girl kitty hissed a bit, but both are slowly learning their new home and cautiously figuring out this big doggy sister they've been gifted with. Sassy is almost puppyish in her desire to play, I think.

And we are suddenly aware of how much this house needs to be cat-proofed. Oh, man, as if I didn't have enough to do, every room'll have to be swept and put in order to remove things that can be knocked over, choked on, torn up . . .

But we are very pleased. I'll let you know names as soon as they're finalized.

I wanna see the new babies I wanna see the new babies
Sassafras is eager to meet the new kitties
Little momma Little momma
Deanne holds the black-and-white girl kitty
Get him while you can Get him while you can
The little white-and-black boy kitty is really fast
Three levels of beastliness Three levels of beastliness
Cautious beginnings