March 14th, 2010


Hittin' the trail

Our Venturing Crew is getting ready to do their backpacking shakedown this weekend. We meet at 2:00 p.m. Thursday to pack up and head for the Deam Wilderness. We'll park at Hickory Ridge Fire Tower, then head off into the forest. Two days later, we'll re-emerge and saddle up for home.

Of our eight Philmont-bound Venturers, we have six going on this trip. One adult couldn't get any more days off, since he has so much time off for our Philmont trip, and one youth is on a church mission trip this week.

We'll be teaching basic backpacking techniques, hanging bear bags, etc. We'll be eating some great food (did you expect anything less?), and probably play some cards. Weather looks good (around 60 during the day, in the 30s at night but not freezing). No rain expected till Saturday, by which time I hope to be driving back to the Hither Shore of Lake Monroe.