February 23rd, 2010


Wear it as a badge of honor

I got involved in a bit of an altercation with a liberal lady on FB, who, because I did not immediately endorse her choice of political reading, assumed that I must be a fancier of what she called "bigot porn." Because, you know, I'm one of them knuckle-draggin', hate-mongerin' conservatives your pastor warned you about, I guess.

So, I told her I was going to put that on my next Continuing Education Report for the Board of Ordained Ministry to see. How would this look?
The Encyclopedia of Bigot Porn, Vol. I-VI, Ed. by [this lady]
roadkill soup

You can tell when the warranty expires, can't you

The bone doc called today with the results of the MRI I had done yesterday on my shoulder. I've got a minor tear of some sort within the shoulder itself. He says it's a matter of a bit of cleanout, without a very long recovery time. I've got an appointment Thursday to talk to the surgeon and see what he says about it.

even as still they do

. . . winter yþe beleac
isgebinde, oþðæt oþer com
gear in geardas, swa nu gyt doð
þa ðe syngales sele bewitiað,
wuldortorhtan weder. Ða wæs winter scacen,
fæger foldan bearm.
-- Beowulf, lines 1130-1135

. . . winter locked the waters in icy bond, until another year
came to the homes of men, even as still they do, weathers
glorious and bright that in endless succession observe the
seasons. Then winter had departed, fair was the bosom of the earth.
-- tr. J.R.R. Tolkien