February 15th, 2010


Takin' it easy today

I just finished digging out our back porch and clearing off the cars. We got four, maybe five inches of new snow overnight, and it's still drifting down. Looks like a slow day in the study.

Meanwhile, collinsmom has latched onto the (faux) coonskin cap I brought back from our caving adventure. She really likes it. Looks like I've lost my hat. Which reminds me of a joke, but thirty-plus years ago, she told me that if I ever told that joke from the pulpit, she'd divorce me, so maybe I ought not publish it on the internet, either.

Still, it looks good on her. You can't see her slacks in the pic, but they're another shade of brown. I told her she was sort of coffee-colored. The hat completes the outfit.

Retreau Chapeau Retreau Chapeau
Deanne in a brown study