February 12th, 2010

cook with fire

Slow Start

I slept in this morning. I try to take Friday as my day off, but with all the weekend program I've been doing, it's been a while since I've really done it. And, of course, I'm taking 40 people camping in a cave tonight, so I can't just laze around all day. But at least I got my snoozies.

My shoulder finally settled down last night, but it's starting to rile up this morning. If I can get in, I think I'll go see my GP today.

The dinner last night went very well. There were a couple of things that we could have done better, but when things get busy, you go on instinct. It all tasted fine. The leek soup was over the top wonderful, by all accounts, and the beef was magnificent. The bread and butter pudding got a lot of good comments, too.

And we made a small profit, which was the point of doing the dinner. The Venturers enjoyed cooking and serving, I think, and they were all learning new things. Even the adults were paying close attention. I sent a youth over to our house Wednesday evening to get my stick blender. After I pureed the soup base with it, Melodie (Makayla's mom) just said, "I want one of those."

Speaking of the soup, we made up the base (veggies, broth, etc.) the night before and put it in the fridge. Which meant that all we had to do last night was warm it up, add the dairy, bring it up to serving temp and kill the heat.

The figgy truffles were very good, too, BTW. I'm keeping that recipe in my Bag O' Tricks.

We arranged three tables together to make a large square, so everybody could sit around the edges and talk with each other. We put tablecloths over the whole, put printed placemats down, added a complicated setting with multiple utensils, etc. In trying to explain to the youth how to serve such a meal, I asked how many had been to a dinner with more than one fork at the place setting. Only one had. But they're fast learners.

Since this was such an expensive dinner to produce, I didn't plan on feeding extra people. I told the Venturers they'd have to be content with the scraps. But, as always, there were a lot of leftovers. They enjoyed all the goodies before washing the mountain of dishes. We were done by 9:30.

Early married life

Okay, here we go with some more young loverishness. Here we are, I think spring of '76. We were up from Wilmore to visit my parents. No kids yet.

Up against the wall Up against the wall
Young marrieds, c. 1976. Note the leisure suit and much, much hair.

Edit: We would have had Zach if this is Spring '76. But it doesn't strike me as Spring of '75. Could be, I guess. I'm trying to remember when I got the leisure suit.