February 9th, 2010

hound of heaven

Still beautiful

I haven't posted a picture of Sassy the Love Sponge in a while. I mentioned that she went to the groomer this week, so she's all clean and shimmery. She's even sporting a nice, white bandana. As I was returning from the office today, siege was just taking her for a walk, and I snapped this picture.

She's almost all healed up following the surgery to remove her right eye. Her hair has mostly grown back, too. And, of course, she's clean and perky. She's still a beautiful beast, "the onliest doggie that I've ever loved."

Out for a walk Out for a walk

camp cook

it slices, it dices

I bought two PSMOs ("pismos") last week -- that's the full beef tenderloin, with the side muscle still attached -- to make into filets for our Venturers' fundraising Scouting Anniversary Feast this Thursday. Butchering the PSMO is made to look easy by Alton Brown -- who makes all too many things look easy. Still, I did it, and it were none too shabby. I only nicked myself twice, too.

Anyway, Sassafras has a whole pile of scraps in the fridge now. She is so pampered.