January 21st, 2010

hound of heaven

Stuff happens

Had my pre-op visit today. Everything is a go for my sinus surgery Monday. Not looking forward to it, but "soonest begun, soonest done," as they say.

Sassafras should get her stitches out this afternoon. The doctor called today and said that the tumor in her eye was benign, and that they got all of it. This is the first benign ocular tumor he's seen. Sassy seems listless and depressed, and her jaw is still sore (something to look into); nevertheless, she's on the mend.

Meanwhile, there's a never-ending list of stuff to do, people to see, reports to write. It never lets up. And I'm pushing right now in order to get as much done as I can before I have to knock off for two weeks with this surgery.

In other news, January 29 will be the fifth anniversary of this blog (The Daily Mustard on LJ). Wonder what I'll find to post for that day?
round tuit


Somehow, my "to do" list never gets any shorter. Even after all that I've accomplished this week, new stuff keeps finding its way onto the "urgent" stack. It's like as soon as I finish spreading one load of manure, somebody dumps another one -- and the fields stretch on over the horizon.