January 19th, 2010


I love to go a-wandering along the mountain track

I was just responding to a friend that I want to go hiking in the Uluguru Mts. outside Morogoro, TZ. I've been there three times, and never had a day free to do that. It got me thinking: How many mountain ranges have I gone hiking in? Let me count them.

1) Sangre de Cristo Mts. (in the southern Rockies);
2) Yellowstone N.P. (in the higher Rockies);
3) Cumberland Gap (in the middle Appalachians);
4) Smokies (Appalachians, again).
5) High Peaks (Adirondacks);
6) Grampians (Scottish Highlands);
7) Cumbrian fells (Lake District, England);
8) Snowdonia (Wales);
9) Udzungwa Mts. (Tanzania).

The Ulugurus would make a nice, even set of ten, wouldn't they?