January 14th, 2010

one of those days


Lumberjack Campout prep

Our Venturers are going over to Wilderstead tomorrow night to fell some trees on Saturday. The intent is to erect a signal tower in front of the church for Scout Anniversary Week. What with everything going on, I haven't been able to get over to the holler to do any of the chores I've been needing to do. So, today, I cleared my calendar and just went.

The lane is passable, what with the current warming trend. The porta-potty was frozen solid, but I got it unstuck with hot water and anti-freeze. It should be good to go tomorrow (I hope). I got all the trees marked for our lumberjack efforts.

Sassafras the Wonder Dog

Sassy is doing OK at the animal hospital. The vet wants to keep her another night to make sure she is healing properly before sending her home, though. We can visit this evening, if we want. Z. and D. are planning on going, but I may be into the evening routine of meetings by then.

I want her home so badly.


I lost an internet friend yesterday. I’m sorry for that. I replied to a post on FB with a bit of snark, and she took great offense. I apologized, for truly, I was not trying to insult anybody. But there it is. We’ve had less and less to say to each other for some time, and apparently we have both been reading each other’s LJ and FB posts while exercising great restraint, but then finally comes something which occasions one remark too many, and my friend has parted company from me.

I thought about making a long post about the presenting issue – not to ask my friend to read, but for my own satisfaction. For underneath my comment that she took offense at (highly compressed because of the FB medium) was something I’ve thought a lot about. We wouldn’t have agreed on it, but I don’t think she would have taken offense. But, no. Let it go. “God has called us to peace,” says the apostle.

Still, I think kindly of her and wish her well.
hound of heaven


We went to visit Sassafras at the animal hospital this evening. Objectively, she's doing well. Subjectively, it tore me up.

She gets to come home tomorrow. I think it'll be a long recovery.
saxon cross

John 3:16-21 in Old English

God lufode middaneard swa þæt he sealde his ancennedan Sunu, þæt nan ne forwurðe þe on hine gelyfð, ac hæbbe þæt ece lif. Ne sende God his Sunu on middanearde þæt he demde middanearde, ac þæt middaneard sy gehæled þurh hine. Ne biþ þam gedemed ðe on hine gelyfð; se ðe ne gelyfð, him biþ gedemed, for þam þe he ne gelyfde on ðone naman þæs ancennedan Godes Suna. Þæt is se dom, þæt leoht com on middaneard, and menn lufedon þystro swyþor ðonne þæt leoht: hyra weorc wæron yfele. Ælc ðara þe yfele deð hatað þæt leoht, and he ne cymþ to leohte, þæt his weorc ne syn gerihtlæhte. Witodlice se ðe wyrcð soðfæstnesse cymþ to ðam leohte, þæt his weorc syn geswutelude, for ðam þe hig synt on Godes gedone.