December 13th, 2009


Sheer joy

Today is Bishop Seraphim Sigrist's birthday, and he is celebrating it with an internet pie fight. He is partial to the Three Stooges, but I'm a sucker for The Great Race:

xmas cats

Another short week

The choir was great today, and so was everything else. Another great Sunday in the run-up to Christmas. That said, I am beyond pooped. I'm sitting here, watching TV and working up this week's to-do list.

It's another short week. I've got the bulk of three days, tops, to get done everything that has to be done. Thursday through Saturday I've got to be in Nashville, TN, for interviews for the new General Secretary of UMM.

No rest for the weary, I guess. The good thing is, every day has been a big day. So much is so right these days. If my body will just hold out, it'll be a Christmas to remember!