November 29th, 2009


There, I got that off my chest

I was back-and-forthing on the sacraments on somebody's FB, and getting very frustrated. Facebook is just a rotten format for extended commentary. LJ is far superior for expressing oneself in whole paragraphs and for people who want to stay and kick something around. FB is like waving from the bus as it drives on. Anyway, not to start the whole wrangle again, but there's something I want to say about the theology of the sacraments that has been bugging me for quite a while.

Most of us traditional types take a "scientific" approach to our theology. That is, we think we're talking about something that is externally real -- a real God who really acts in real ways, independent of our ability to observe or participate. And different Christians may argue over the sacraments: what they are, what's happening in and through them, who is authorized to do them, etc.; nevertheless, we all think we're talking about something out there, and we're trying to do so in precise terms.Collapse )