November 25th, 2009


Just tuck me in and turn out the lights as you go, please

I haven't posted since Sunday, because I've been going flat out, 100 mph, for the last three days straight. Thanksgiving is nice, but a Thursday holiday means a short work week, and there's never any shortage of work that needs done. Today, three Boy Scouts (Brady, Marshall, Seth) came and helped me stuff and label envelopes for the NAUMS Bible Project appeal I had to mail out. It took four and three quarters hours. Egad.

collinsmom and I were going to go out to Wilderstead tonight and relax through Thursday's hooplah, but Sassafras isn't feeling well. Off to vet they went, and came home with more medicine. So, plans are now to crash here tonight and tomorrow and head for the holler on Friday after D's two calls in Linton. Given siege's schedule and Sassy's medical needs, we may wind up taking her with us.

Anyway, I'm all caught up (for now). Hoopy Franks Giblets, everybody!