November 22nd, 2009


Crew 119's first campout

Just two months after our launching the Crew, our Venturers had their first campout. We went to Maumee Scout Reservation and stayed in the staff cabin. We ate good food, drowned some worms, took a hike, and played some cards. We also did some important training for backpacking: essential knots; pitching flys and tents; map reading. Met up with some Scouts out camping and got an offer from a rifle instructor to do some shooting sports with our Crew (cool).

It was fun. We have a good Crew. David couldn't be with us, because he was off on a Chrysalis flight -- but that's another kind of adventure. The group is melding fast and I think they're going to make a great Philmont crew. So far, we have six youth and three adults who say they're going this summer.

After I got back last night, I finished up my prep for this morning. After worship and Sunday school, we had a soup and sandwich lunch and decorated the church for Advent. The Missions Committee made up our Thanbksgiving baskets and got them to the families who needed them.

I'm bushed. Here's to a light week and a happy Thanksgiving. collinsmom wants us to go out to Wilderstead and spend an overnight together. Make some beef stew and relax. Sounds good to me.

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cook with fire

Next Iron Chef revealed

Well, I was wrong. Chef Mehta stumbled at the end. I think the judges favored him as the more interesting cook; but in the end, they couldn't give him the win when he had one course out of five that was kind of off, while Chef Garces turned in five solid courses with a good story to bind them together.

I think the secret ingredient (ribs and racks) had something to do with that, and also the Chairman's challenge to illustrate the American Melting Pot in their cooking. But, what the heck. Garces was a strong contender. Congratulations to him.