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The Daily Mustard
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Sunday, November 8th, 2009

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The big day is over, and it was great. collinsmom and I worked ourselves to rags, and so did several other people. For that matter, the Scouts worked harder than I've ever seen them do before. They did magnificently! Below is a link to the church LJ, with some great pix.

Just so we're clear here
I want the Ft. Hood shooter, Dr. Hasan, to recover. I want him to stand trial for treason and murder. I want him to have to present himself in court and hear the judgment against him. I am tired of cowardly dirtbags who kill and maim others and then kill themselves or get killed in the act of doing their deeds. They rob us of the opportunity to present facts, weigh emotions, and seek justice.

I also think that some of his superiors, who knew what he was saying and doing and shrugged it off, should face disciplinary action.

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