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The Daily Mustard
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Thursday, October 29th, 2009

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Is anybody NOT ready?
I'm getting ready to go camping tonight. Sarah C. and I are taking four Boy Scouts out to Wilderstead for two nights. Tomorrow we will do a twenty-mile hike, from Wilderstead to Lost Bridge and back, with a crossing of Laughery Creek toward the end. Today is gorgeous, but rain is supposed to be a-comin' tonight and tomorrow and the next night. So, we may be pretty damp -- but hopefully, not discouraged -- by the time we're back in our cabin tomorrow night.

This will be my last twenty-miler for these guys. Two guys finish Hiking Merit Badge with this one; after this, I've got two guys who need one more ten-miler, and then I'm basically done. The MB requirements are to do five ten-milers and a twenty-miler, but I will have done eleven ten-milers and two twenty-milers over the last two years to get all these Scouts through their MB.

Right now, I'm just decompressing from this morning's stress. Soon, I'll gather up my personal gear and our crew supplies. We leave at 6:00 p.m. Yay, hikers!

Sarah is a grad student at IU, and one of my former Venturers. She went to Philmont with us in 2000. siege stood ready to go, but he doesn't get off work till 8:30 tonight, and that would put us out in the holler around midnight -- and we have to get up EARLY tomorrow. But Sarah stepped forward, and I'm glad.

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