October 15th, 2009


Another reason why MS Vista sucks

I was reading my morning stuff just a while ago, when suddenly, my computer crashed. Oh, my mistake: it's just Vista updating. It doesn't just notify me that updates are available, to be done at my convenience. Oh, no: I might not do them. It just takes over, dumps me out of whatever I'm doing, and makes me wait until it's done configuring the updates. Wer schrieb dieses Hauffen Mist?
in the soup

Life is a big videogame -- the levels get tougher and tougher until you crash

Well, I made all my deadlines today. Pretty much got it all done. But I haven't had any time to decompress. Every day this week has been a get-er-done-or-else kind of day. And tomorrow is another one, ending with going to the big camporee bash with our Boy Scouts and setting up camp.

Oh, yeah, there was one big thing extra I was going to get done today -- but it didn't happen. Oh, well. Something for later. Maybe.