October 10th, 2009

humped zebra

Meanwhile, in the real world

Just to show what is, and is not, worthy of recognition in the name of peace, today Armenia and Turkey signed an agreement to restore diplomatic relations and open their mutual border. That is the kind of thing the Nobel Prize is supposed to be about. Obama looks even more ludicrous in comparison, being honored for nothing more than not being George Bush while there are real statesmen doing really important things for peace around the world.
camp cook

Hunting season approaches

Time to get out my Mossy Oak stole with the blaze orange orphreys. I don't hunt, myself, but I enjoy the taste of venison, so any of you hunters out there who want to take pity on a hungry fellow outsdoorsman and share your take, well, you know where to find me.

And just to get in the right Hoosier Huntin' mood, here is a classic from the past:

Plugging along

I woke up late this morning, worried that I was already behind. But then, I told myself that maybe God wanted me to get some more rest. As for all the things pressing on me, well, only the dead have nothing to do.

I went out about noon, went to the Post Office, got some lunch, then went into town to get my doggy some fresh kibble and vitamins. After getting back home, I piddled for a while. Did some housework. Then, before the afternoon passed on to evening's coolth, I took Sassy out to a nearby park for her afternoon walk. It was a beautiful Fall day. She loved it.

We played a bit this evening. She's demanded a lot of attention today; must be missing collinsmom.

Tomorrow's going to be one thing after another from get up to fall down. But it's all in order. What's not necessarily in order is getting everything ready in time for next weekend's Centennial Camporee, where I'm in charge of the Sunday worship service, and need to prep youth for leadership thereof.

In between Sunday and Friday, I've got an overnight trip to Irving, Texas, a doctor's appointment, and all the usual Stoff. But getting frenetic doesn't mean you get more done; instead, I'm trying to settle down into a kind of zen calm, the better to power through an overwhelming week. Month. Year. Life.

You know the drill.