September 15th, 2009


A weighty subject

I went to a parishioner's house yesterday to borrow a chain hoist and a frame to hang it from. We had to disassemble the A-frame amidst a cloud of mosquitoes. Once I got home, I took the cap off our truck. Last night, I had a meeting in Seymour, following which I toodled on out to Wilderstead.

It was a beautiful night. And it was a beautiful morning. There were at least five deer on the path below my cabin when I poked my head out. They scampered off across the creek and snorted at me, in that sneezy kind of neigh they have.

I drove up to the north side of Cincy and bought me a rock: a 4' slab of Indiana limestone, weighing in at 500 lb. I was back in the holler by noon.

It took me two and a half hours to install the limestone step. Over half that time was assembling the frame for the hoist. It looked like a gibbet when I finally got it up. I used some strong, doubled rope to truss up the block, and hoisted away. That half ton chain hoist did the trick. Once that was done, I barreled off home. Had Cub Pack and other stuff going on tonight.

Well, that's done.

Taking a big step Taking a big step
A chunk of Indiana limestone
Mind the step Mind the step
New step installed

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