August 1st, 2009


Mark Steyn on Obama's choice of beers

I don’t drink Bud Light. I don’t find you can drink enough of that fast enough to get a buzz from it before the chronic incontinence kicks in. It’s so watery. And I think it’s only responsible these days, I’m not worried about alcoholism, but I’m worried about getting incontinence treatment under Obamacare, so I don’t want to risk drinking Bud Light.
-- Mark Steyn on the Hugh Hewitt show

Heading for the hills

Rolling out tomorrow with our church youth on a mission trip to White Oak, TN. Got three girls and three boys, three women and two men. Even cell phone coverage is iffy in the mountains, so I'm not taking my computer. Won't update till next Saturday evening.

Pray for us. We've had two serious injuries, one each in the last two years. We'd really like to break that streak.